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Hello there!

Paul Castle

My name is Paul Castle.

My mission is to give people the confidence to present themselves, their ideas and their skills, in a way that makes them noticed. 


Because acquiring this confidence enables people to move on in a direction that they want to go in. 

Working internationally as a Communications Coach, I meet many people who are stuck.  They might have been passed by for a promotion or maybe they've missed out on a new job elsewhere.  Perhaps a member of their team is ‘impossible’ to manage or they are finding it a struggle to transmit their vision both upwards and downwards. 

The problems are different but the solution lies in the same place - Communication.

I get it!

I can help individuals and entire teams to get it! 

My background is in Law, Financial Services and Personal Development and these have all contributed to my own development in this area.

However, the main reason I can be useful to you is because I too, have struggled with similar issues at certain time in my Career.

The most important thing I've learned?

You need to move your focus from:

'communicating things right'
'communicating the right thing'

Profound yest simple and a good starting point.

If you would like to book a free 30 minute call to discuss how I can help, click the 'Get in touch' button below.

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