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Presenting yourself,
your ideas and your skills
in a way that gets you noticed.

Presenting yourself,
your ideas and your skills
in a way that gets you noticed.

How to Increase your Business: A simple truth

Written by Paul Castle |

October 12, 2018

Are you already running a business? A start up? Maybe you area coach, speaker, trainer, author or consultant for some, but not all of you,the big question maybe: How do I find my next customer?

How do I find my next customer?

The wrong approach or answer can lead you to failure, desperation and maybe worse. If you read all the clickbait, offering snake oil solutions to this question, it is probable matters will deteriorate. As with all such matters the answer is simple.

You may not like the answer. You may not want to hear it. You may not want to do it, but ultimately success hides within the answer.

To be successful and find your next customer you must ask them to buy. Let me repeat this:


There are many different ways to do this but in essence you must ask them to say ‘Yes’.

An interesting piece of research shows that the average person will only ask the customer once, whereas the most successful people will ask the customer up to seven times to say yes. This research ignores the great majority who do not ask at all.

Now, I can hear some of you saying:

Where do I find a customer to ask, Paul?

If you follow the internet clickbait advice you may be waiting a very long time. In essence the entire internet experience is to be reactive and wait for someone to find you. How likely is this in the crowded internet market place? Sadly, the odds are against you. So let’s be pro active and not reactive.

Imagine, if you don’t mind for one moment, that you had the sole right to sell a tablet that would make the taker immune to all illnesses.Hard to believe but imagine with me. Would you leave it in the boot/trunk of your car and tell no one?  Of course not.You would get out there and tell everyone wouldn’t you?

That is so obvious.

So, do you believe in your product or service, and I mean really believe? If you don’t then I would humbly suggest you do something different.

What is the first step?

 Go where you normally go, do what you normally do, and tell everyone you meet.

 There is an essential mindset which needs to be developed. I’m covering this in my next blog, but for today the first step is:

 Go where you normally go, do what you normally do, and tell everyone you meet.

If you are a hermit this may present some challenges, although I understand this is a profession in decline. If you are the modern day equivalent, namely you sit on your computer all day. In your situation tell everyone you come into contact with and I mean everyone you come into contact with on your computer.

What is the second step?

Tell everyone you meet the key benefit, what it will do for them, of your product or service and then ASK them if they want one. Simple

The key to success is to ask. Ask them to buy it? This takes three basic qualities, enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge. I shall be addressing each of these in detail in upcoming blogs. As you might expect my solutions are very simple. They will be the exact same ones I have shared while coaching top business leaders, salespeople and many more. The key is to do it every single day.

To summarise if you want more customers there are two essential steps you must start today.

1.    Talk to everyone you meet.

2.    Ask everyone you talk to, to buy your product or service.

Do you sincerely want to be successful?

Then you must create the habit of doing those things unsuccessful people don’t do. If you are committed to getting more customers then you will not want to miss my blogs and videos, so contact me immediately on

Send me details of the results you obtain. Remember there is no such thing as failure only learning and progress. I look forward to hearing from you and coaching you to achieve the success you desire.

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